The Top Carpet Maintenance Mistakes That People Make

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Carpets are an expensive investment, and they should be maintained well to last longer. A well-maintained carpet can last up to 30 years. Most people, however, do not take maintenance tips seriously and they end up damaging their carpets.

Here are some of the maintenance mistakes that people make:

Waiting for the Carpet to Get Extremely Dirty Before Calling a Carpet Cleaner

It is a common occurrence to see people waiting for their carpet to look dull and dirty before calling a carpet cleaner. Their idea is to cut on cost. Ideally, you are doing a lot of injustice to your carpet.

The carpet collects sand and dust particles together with microorganisms that attach deep into the carpet fibers. You should not underestimate the damage this dirt can cause to your carpet if it is left there for an extended period. Vacuuming could help a great deal, but you should not depend on it solely. 

Get the carpet cleaned by a professional at least once a year to remove all the lurking microorganisms, stains and dust. Regular professional cleaning also prolongs the lifespan of the carpet. Do not wait until the dirt starts to show off.

A Carpet is Seen to be Dirty Only if it Has Many Stains

A carpet may have no stains and may look spotless to the naked eye, but it could inhibit many dirt particles and microorganisms. Carpets are exposed to chemical residues, dust particles, and organisms like fungus and bacteria that accumulate deep within the carpet piles.

Thus, you should not take stains to be the determinant of a dirty carpet. Remember that a dirty carpet is a health hazard and, therefore, do the regular vacuuming and occasional professional cleaning. Having no stains does not guarantee the cleanliness of the carpet.

The Assumption That All Carpet-cleaning Methods are Good

There are many methods of carpet cleaning. Not all of them are ideal for every type of carpet, and not all will work efficiently for you. First, know your type of carpet before deciding which method to use. The many carpet cleaning methods may produce satisfactory results, but you should sift through them to determine which one works for you. Dry carpet cleaning, for instance, would be preferable if you do not have time for drying.

Choosing a Cleaning Company Just Because it Offers Low Rates

It is better to source for quality than merely going for cheap stuff. When a cleaning company offers attractively low rates, you should think twice. In most cases, they skip specific cleaning procedures or use substandard products. Your carpet might not be thoroughly cleaned, and it will start showing dirt within a short period. You will be forced to go back to square one and call for professional cleaners at unanticipated intervals.

Any Cleaning Company on the Adverts is Professional

Not all advertised companies are professionally qualified. Most of them may be one-person show companies that operate with the owner and maybe one or two assistants. Before hiring a company, check on its record of accomplishment. Besides, find out what kind of equipment and products they use. That way you may be on the safe side.

The above are merely misconceptions that individuals have concerning carpet cleaning. If you had one of them, you should change now that you know.

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